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Portfolio Task

I want to study animation because the study of movement fascinates me. You can show this in so many ways in animation; through the use of harsh long lines, or quick and dynamic for energetic scenes. I also love how different colours, materials and line arcs can influence how a character can appear, and how these can also influence how the character displays emotion. I love reading and learning about different animation styles and methods I am particularly enjoying 'The Animators Survival Kit' by Richard Williams. I have recently started using a lightbox to create frames for a small scene I want to produce, which so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I have chosen UWE Bristol to undertake my studies, because the range of work I saw at the open day was very varied, versatile and unique. I have enjoyed researching and watching the showcases produced, particularly the new ‘H2GO’ short film that displays all paces of movement wonderfully. The student satisfaction was extremely high, and the student I spoke to at the open day sounded very enthusiastic about the course. Lastly, the facilities are both pristine and distinctive. Bristol itself has a balance of natural and urban beauty. I really like the industrial feel of the city, contrasting with the natural form of the green parks.

My ambition, in the short term, is to work well with a team of animators. I am so excited to be able to develop my ideas and artistic skills in a wide variety of styles and methods, so that my team can create animation that is powerful and strong, and something that can stand out from the rest. From a career standpoint I am very interested in working on animated film productions, which would take me on the journey to achieving my dream. .

In my opinion, there are many factors that affect the outcome of the quality of a story. I feel it needs powerful characters that are all extremely unique, particularly a good antagonist. This is proven in many DreamWorks movies. They produce extremely effective and ambiguous villains, such as ‘Death’ in the newest Puss in Boots movie. Character development is an integral part of a story because it shows how the characters change overtime, often conveying deeper meaning behind the change. Lastly, small impactful scenes, whether it be amazing pieces of scenery or extreme character growth, are important to me, as it shows just how fascinating people's ideas and visions can be.

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